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1.Are the liquid contents of the Instant Bio Pack safe?
Yes, the Instant Bio-Pack is made with non-toxic ingredients. It contains sodium acetate (salt and vinegar), which is completely safe.

2.My Instant Bio Pack won't activate. Why?
You may need to bend the metal disc backwards and forwards more than once in order to activate the Instant Bio-Pack. As the packs provided to you are brand new, they might require a few more clicks. Be sure that there is liquid touching the metal disc.  

3.My Instant Bio Pack won't reset. Why?
The Instant Bio-Pack must be boiled until completely clear. If flakes can still be seen floating inside the pack, continue boiling until they have completely dispersed.

4.How many times can the Instant Bio Pack be used?
The Instant Bio-Pack can be used hundred of times and is guaranteed for one year.

5.How should the Instant Bio Pack be stored?
The Instant Bio-Packs are best stored in their liquid form and shouldn't be left unboiled for more than 3 days.

6.Can I still use the Instant Bio Pack if it is punctured?
No. If the Instant Bio-Pack is punctured is must be disposed of and replaced immediately.

7.Can the Instant Bio Pack be reset by putting it in the microwave?
No. If the Instant Bio-Pack is put in the microwave it will explode.

8.Are the Instant Bio Packs safe to use?
Our products are safe to handle and use providing they are applied properly. Some people are more sensitive to high temperatures than others, or may have difficulty determining when the pack is too hot. I this is the case for you, exercise caution until you are familiar with your level of tolerance to heat.

9. How can the instant Bio Pack be used as a cold pack?
The Instant Bio-Pack can be used as a cold pack simply by placing it in the fridge while in its liquid state. Then simply apply to the desired area as you would a conventional ice pack.

10. Is it possible to damage the Instant Bio Pack when boiling?
Yes.  If the water is completely boiled until dispersed significant damage can be caused to the plastic cover of the pack. To ensure that this does not happen, never leave the boiling packs unattended. A tea towel can also be used to ensure that the pack doesn't come into contact with the bottom of the boiling pot, which is very hot and potentially detrimental to the condition of the Instant Bio-Pack.

11.How long do the Instant Bio Packs stay warm for?
The Instant Bio-Packs stay warm from 30minutes to two hours, depending on its size and whether or not it is insulated.

12.Is there a guarantee with this product?
Yes, there is a 12 month guarantee on this product.

Neck Heat Pack
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        Eye Mask
Can be used as a cold or hot soothing mask..
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Instant Bio-Pack!
"The Reusable Instant Heat Pack"

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The Reusable Instant Heat Pack

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